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Salek, CPA, PC, a full-service accounting firm, exists to provide our clients professional accounting, tax, and consulting services marked by our dedication and passion for our client’s overall success.

Our services include the following offerings: Compilations and Reviews, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Payroll Services, Tax Preparation for Individuals and Businesses, Tax Payment Agreements and/or Settlements, IRS Representation, Start-up Consultation, QuickBooks Setup, and Financial and Professional Development for Entrepreneurs.

The full-service accounting offerings provided by Salek, CPA, PC address:

  • the need for business owners/managers and nonprofit leaders to remain up-to-date and responsive to their organization’s financial position. The provision of these offerings aid and enhance management’s ability to make decisions and oversee operations.
  • the need for individual clients to remain compliant with federal and state tax filing laws, while also addressing our clients’ desire to understand which tax-saving strategies work best for them in relation to their short-term and long-term financial goals.

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Our professionals provide specialized services for the following types of organizations:

  • Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Churches
  • Government Entities

Additionally, we work with various industries including restaurants, trucking companies, construction companies, staffing agencies, mental health agencies, and other small businesses.

The accounting structures for many of the aforementioned industries can be complex due to the requirements dictated by IRS, funding companies, insurance companies, etc. Financial transactions with employees, contractors, customers/clients, and vendors, often necessitate careful negotiations and efficient services.

As a family of accountants, we at Salek, CPA, PC delight in providing you exceptional service that will not only meet your immediate financial goals, but will also create a firmer foundation for your future success. Our personalized approach, combined with a commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and our wide range of expertise, allows us to provide you with financial and strategic solutions that will carry you for the long-term.

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Our Passion

Knowing the complexities you as a business owner may face in your industry or the tax concerns you may have as an individual, we are committed to understanding your specific need and preparing you for your financial future through our full-service accounting, tax, and consulting services. Our care does not end with your financial statement or tax return preparation. By developing and fostering a relationship with each of our clients and upholding the highest technical and ethical standards of our profession, we are honored to become our clients’ most valued strategic partner. We love seeing our clients succeed!

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